Thursday, 20 October 2016

Glam half skull inspied by Glitteralittle

I've been super excited to keep trying new Halloween makeup looks and as soon as I saw this one I couldn't help myself to give it a go. This Halloween makeup look is inspired by the lovely Youtuber Chloe Morton / Glitteralittle (links to her channel below). 

Soon as I saw Chloe's half skull I was so eager to attempt it myself. It's just such a glam look yet so effective for Halloween and looks so fabulous.

Products used:
  • Loreal True match foundation
  • Collection lasting perfection concealer
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills powder contour kit
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow kit in That Glow
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in medium brown
  • Soap and Glory supercat liner
  • Loreal superstar liner
  • Essence Black liner
  • Collection glitter eyeliner
  • Morphe 35N palette
  • Models own neon orange powder eyeshaddow
  • Makeup revolution Mono eyeshaddow in Acid
  • Eylur perfect party moonlight lashes
  • Cream white facepaint
  • Too faced Chocolate bar palette
I first started by applying a normal face of makeup I used the L'oreal True match foundation and applied it with a damp beauty blender.
I then applied the collection lasting perfection concealer under my eyes, bridge of my nose and centre of my forehead.
I slightly cotoured my nose with the Anastasia Beverly Hills powder contour kit. And highlighted my nose and cheek bones with the Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit in ' that glow '.
I did my usual brow routine using the ABH dipbrow pomade, and used shaddows from the Morphe 35N palette and the Too faced chocolate bar bar palette for my eyes. Using a light brown transition colour and deepening my crease with a darker toned brown. I then used an orange colour all over my crease and blended out and brought it down under my waterline. 
I then used the shade Champagne Truffle from the Too Faced chocolate bar palette all over my lid. I then applied the soap and glory supecat liner and created a wing. I finished off the eyelook by applying my ABH highlighter to my innercorner and brow arch for highlighting. And applied my Loreal superstar mascara and Eylur lashes.

For the skull I started off with creating the facial line and nose line with the soap and glory supercat liner and the Essence black liner and blended downwards, I then used the black shaddow from the Morphe palette and blended downwards even more so for definition. I filled in my nose with the soap and glory supercat liner. I then added Cherry Cordial from the Too Faced palette and blended downwards and applied the 3 pink shades in my Morphe palette and also blended downwards. I used the orange shades from the Morphe palette and blended out with the Barry M loose orange eyeshaddow. Finished this off with the makeup revolution neon yellow eyeshaddow to finish the gradiance.

I used the soap and glory supercat liner and the Essence black eyeliner and created the smile line on my mouth and the circular shapes around the mouth ends and blended inwards and applied the black shaddow and inwards to create more definition. I then used my cream white facepaint to create teeth shapes and around the outside of the circular shapes for definition. I then went back in with the Essence eyeliner and drew around the teeth shapes to emphasise the shaping. 

To finish the look off I used my Collection glitter eyelinerand applied around the top of the nose shape and the skull line. I also applied it to the inner corners and just below for a little extra oompf.

Hope you all like this look, let me know if you have any requests as I love creating these Halloween looks.

Until next time,

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Halloween Chelsea Smile makeup

Hellooo, It's been a while. I do apologise about that but due to personal reasons that's why I haven't blogged. If anyones curious as to why then comment below and I can do a whole blog post on that!

So Halloween is upon us and Halloween is one of my favourite seasons due to how you can go all out and no one can say anything about it. I love finding new ideas and inspiration for makeup and costumes! This year I'm starting off with the classic Chelsea Smile look. I think it looks so simple and effective but yet still so creepy. I also found it extremely easy to create and had alot of fun in the process.

Products used:

  • Liquid latex.
  • Tissue.
  • Cotton Wool.
  • Fake blood.
  • Red, dark red, black eyeshaddows.
  • Makeup revolution ultra velour lip cream in the shade " Say yes, it's what we do best".
  • Jeffree Star liquid lipstick - Androgyny.
I first started by applying a normal face of makeup I used the L'oreal True match foundation and applied it with a damp beauty blender.
I then applied the collection lasting perfection concealer under my eyes, bridge of my nose and centre of my forehead.
I slightly cotoured my nose with the Anastasia Beverly Hills powder contour kit. And highlighted my nose and cheek bones with the Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit in ' that glow '.
I did my usual brow routine using the ABH dipbrow pomade, and used shaddows from the Morphe 35N palette and shimmery shades from the UD X GWEN palette.
Finished this eye look with my soap and glory liquid eyeliner and Eylur Enchanted lashes.

I don't know how to expain to great extent how I created the Chelsea Smile but i'll try my best. I applied a think layer of liquid latex and applied tissue and cotton wool ontop in a smile shape.
I applied red shaddow all over and went in with darker shaddows. I applied black through the gap to create that smile like shaddow and applied fake blood in the gaps and optop.
I blended out the shaddows further onto my skin to look more messy and distressed.
I used tweezers to pull away bits of tissue to create a pulled skin effect.
I then applied a dark red liquid lipstick my lips and topped off with black eye shaddow and blended it out past my natural lip shape.
I finished this look off with adding 2 pins through each side of tissue just to add abit more effect to the look.

I'm super happy with how this look turned out, super simple and looks quite scary. Let me know in the comments any Halloween looks you'd like me to a post on.

Until next time,

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Festival makeup

Festival season is in full swing! I'm a massive festival fan myself, the whole experience is just so exciting. The vibes, music, clothes and obviously the makeup! Festivals are the best excuse to go wild with makeup and pull it off.

I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. I usually stick with the same eye colours of browns, golds, oranges and reds. So I wanted to try something slightly different and use colours that I wouldn't usually use.
I also felt very inspired by the lovely Hannah Renee's recent video based on her Parklife makeup look. So I wanted to create something similar but different to give my own twist on it.

Hannah's Channel

I wanted to go bright and vibrant to make my eyes pop. I opted for an almost sunset feel with oranges, pinks, yellows and purples. I also picked up these gorgeous Quay Australia sunnies in the ASOS sale for £10 and they paired perfectly with this look which made me so excited.

I decided to opt for a high coverage full face of makeup as I wanted my skin to look so smooth and flawless. I used a mixture of 2 foundations, the Maybelline dream satin liquid foundation and the L'oreal wake me up foundation. As these are my best 2 foundations that match to my tan.
I then used the LA GIRL pro concealer to highlight my under eyes, nose and forehead.

I used the Sleek cream contour kit in the shade light and used the highlighting colours and applied to my under eyes, nose and forehead. I set this with my Morphe 06PC pro cool definition palette. And baked the white shade below my contour lines.
I then contoured with the Clinique chubby stick in the contour shade and applied this to my cheekbones, forehead, along the edges of my nose and also my jaw line. I then bronzed it up with my Benefit Hoola bronzer.

I highlighted with my ABH glow kit and my MAC Mineralize skin finish in the shade soft and gentle. I went to town on my highlight as I always think of glitter and sparkles when it comes to festival makeup.

For eyebrows I used my all time favourite ABH dipbrow pomade in the shade medium brown and set with the rimmel clear brow gel to ensure my brows stay in place.

For my eyes I firstly applied a yellow shaddow all over my lid by makeup revolution. I then used 2 model's own shaddows one illuminous orange and the other illuminous pink. I applied an orange shade from the Morphe 35N palette into the crease of my eye.
I used one of the purple shades from the Morphe 35N palette and the colour fishnet and ransom from the Urban Decay deluxe shaddow box. I applied these shades to outer V for more depth and definition.

I applied all these shades to my lower lash line in the same colour order and blended out.

I applied the soap and glory liquid liner and then applied my Eylur No 121 definition lashes.

For creating the metallic dots around my eyes I used the Essence Metal glam eyeshaddow 11. I thought this would be the perfect finishing touch to add a festival feel to my makeup.

I then applied MAC all fired up for my lipstick.

I am super happy with this makeup looks, I think it's one of the best makeup looks I feel that i've done. It's so exciting seeing the progression in my makeup, makes me so excited and proud to see how far i've came since last year. I definitely would wear this makeup look to a festival, and i'm just hoping I can go to one now to wear this look!

If you'd like to see anymore festival inspired makeup looks comment below!

Until next time,

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills - That glow review

So firstly I need to apologise. I've been completely unactive this year apart from the one post that I published. I know it's bad, 5 months into the year and i've successfully managed to fail and upload one post. I've had a pretty rough year and alot of obstacles have been in my way but nethertheless. I am back now, and i'm ready to blog to my hearts content.


I recieved this ABH glow kit a few months back, probably around February? And to be totally honest I haven't really decided to use it all that much. At first I thought ' wow I am not touching this, i'm gonna treat it like a child to me. It's gold ' and then when I eventually caved in and used it, I can't say it's out of the ordinary. 

Firstly the size of this palette is slightly mad. If you have the ABH contour kit you may have reacted in the way I did when thinking it would be bigger than it was? I personally found the ABH contour kit slightly on the small side compaired to what I was expecting. Well with the Glow kit I had the complete opposite. I thought this palette would be smallish but wow, no way. It's so much bigger than expected. So on that front I would already say you're getting your money's worth basing on size.

I found the pigmentation wasn't what I thought it would be. I mean don't get me wrong, this is a highly pigmented palette. But I just didn't manage to see the match up between the actual pigmentation when swatched compaired to some of the images i've seen on instagram. Making the shades look 10x more pigmented then they actually appear.

The shade I seem to draw for the most is probably Sunset, which is the top left one. Sunset is almost like a white gold highlighter. I personally find that this is more of a night out highlighter as it probably has the most pigmentation. Whereas the bottom 2 shades are more of your everyday highlight colour. And the top right colour is more of your sunkissed goddess look.

The only downside to this product for me is that I don't seem to find myself drawing for this product as much as I thought I would. My Mac soft and gentle highlight is definitely recieving more use than this ABH Glow kit, which is a shame as this was an expensive product. 

Untill next time,

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Top 3 liquid lipsticks

It feels so long since I last wrote a blogpost ( admittedly it has been over a month ). I've been bad at managing time over the past month or so but I've been constantly working and finishing my uni work off. But nevertheless I should be back to normalish now. I should probably start bulk blogging on days off and then I can't moan at myself for being so bad with time.

Last week I discovered a shop near me that sells american makeup brands. Now this was a massive discovery for me as I find it so hard to find certain brands without ordering online in bulk and paying a bomb for postage. So I was so excited when I found this shop. Unfortunately they don't sell a majority of brands I want to get my hands on but they have a small majority which is still super exciting. I only managed to purchase 2 things from here but I noticed they were both liquid lipsticks and after trying them both I noticed a crazy immediate love for them. This inspired me to do my top 3 liquid lipsticks.

So firstly check out this amazing purse that I won in a giveaway. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to show it off with my lipsticks inside. So thank you to Holly for hosting this giveaway makesure you check her blog out here!

So one of my first favourite liquid lipsticks is the Jeffree Star velour liquid lipstick in the shade " i'm nude ". This is my first Jeffree Star purchase and definitely not my last. I am obsessed with this shade. Although it's alot lighter than my usual nude there's something about this that i'm drawn to. Noticabley the colour drys slightly darker than when first applied but not too much. The lasting power of this liquid lipstick for me is a winner. I've noticed before that multiple liquid lipsticks only stay on my lips for a small amount of time. But i've found this one manages to stay on my lips for a lot longer. 

My next favourite liquid lipstick is the Lime Crime liquid lipstick in Cashmere. This is a nudey brown colour. It's slightly darker to my ususal nude but it's got the same impact on me as the Jeffree Star one. There's something about this that I am obsessed with. I find that this colour mixed with the Jeffree star " I'm nude " makes a gorgeous nude colour. I find that the lasting power for this liquid lipstick isn't the best. I find it only lasts a small amount of time. Although I find that this has the best scent. It smell's like vanilla cupcakes.

This is my third and final favourite liquid lipstick. This is the Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipstick in ecstasy. I have only used this particular one once but it is a definite favourite already. The lasting power is definitely the best out of all the liquid lipsticks. It stayed on my lips for a good few hours. I am obsessed with the colour. It's like a mauvy nudey brown, purple. I wouldn't really say it has a strong scent if such. It slightly smells like vanilla and cosmetics. Thats a hard scent to describe.




I really hope you enjoyed this post. Comment below what your favourite liquid lipsticks are!

Until next time,

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Mac lipstick collection

Okay so i've finally got round to doing this post. I felt slightly put off due to not having a great amount of Mac lipsticks ( in my opinion ). But I wanted to do this post for giving my opinions and reviews on each lipstick.


I wear nudes all the time on a day to day basis and I am obsessed over the variation of nudes that Mac have to offer. 

Brave: Although i'm mainly more of a matte lipstick person I had an exception for this lipstick. I was mesmerized by the colour and finish of this lipstick. This lipstick is descirbed as a "Pink-beige with white pearl". And I think due to that description people might be fooled and feel that the white pearl will give this lipstick a frosted finish. It doesn't but it does give a glossier effect and is such a beautiful spring nude colour.

Mehr: Mehr is a matte finishing nude and as i've stated I love matte colours. This is literally my favourite go-to lipstick. To me this is the perfect pink nude. It can be dressed up or down and I honestly am just obsessed with this colour. This colour is described as a " Dirty blue pink ". I find this is slightly more brown toned then MAC Faux as they are compared to be very similar.

Honey love: This was the very first MAC lipstick I purchased. I got it as an alternative to velvet teddy which I couldn't get my hands on at the time. I personally don't like this lipstick too much. I find it's too much of a subtle nude and feel like it washes me out. I prefer going for darker nudes as they add a little colour and dimension to my lips.

Velvet teddy: It would be too cliche of me to say this is the " perfect nude ". But i'd be lying if I didn't say that. It really is the perfect nude, as it's not too dark or too light. Although it's described as the ' Kylie Jenner nude ' which does put me off slightly due to not actually liking Kylie Jenner I am obsessed with this colour and it's nearly time to re-purchase.

Dark colours

Viva glam 3: Viva glam 3 is a matte finishing lipstick. This was actually the second MAC lipstick I purchased and i'm unsure why I chose this colour if i'm honest. In the past I wouldn't wear dark colours like this as I feel darker lipsticks wash me out as i'm so pale. But as time has gone on I have found a crazed love for darker lip colours. I wear them all the time if i'm going on a night out or an event. I feel they can just add alot to your chosen outfit. It's descirbed as a " Foxy brown plum " and that honestly is the best description for this. It is what it is.

Captive: This is one of my MAC lipsticks I actually forget I own. I always find it and them i'm like "OH forgot about this one, definitely wearing this".  It's a satin finish. I initally thought this looks alot darker in the tube. But once applied it's alot more subtle yet gorgeous. I am obsessed with this lipstick. It is definitely my second favourite. I'd say it's a pinkish plum colour that's not too dark but it's still bold.

Darkside: I am so happy to own this lipstick. It is from the MAC holiday collection 2015. And I was so desperate to get my hands on it. Unfortunately for me it was sold out online basically straight away. So I popped into my nearest MAC counter to see if they had it and to my surprise they did! and not only did they have it, it was the very last one which made me super happy. Am I wrong to say the holiday collection lipsticks are limited edition? I'm unsure, but this lipstick is so gorgeous. It is the PERFECT winter colour. I am also obsessed with the shiny purple packaging! It makes it that whole much better.

D for Danger: Initially when buying this lipstick I questioned myself. I was slightly unsure, although for me it's the pefect redy purple colour. I gave in and purchased this because this is my favorite colour to wear on autumn/winter nights out. This is described as a ' Brick red ' and has a matte finish. It's a medium-dark, berry red with cool pink undertones. 

Brighter colours

Heroine: I originally purchased this lipstick for halloween (well that was my excuse as to buying it) and then decided that it is genuinely a gorgeous colour. It's completely different to what i'd usually wear but theres something about this lipstick that I really love. It's a very different and original colour. It's bold and bright and stands out. It's a brightened pink-tinted purple with satin finish. 

All fired up: I instantly saw this and thought to myself " this is the perfect summer lipstick" It's so bright and bold and stands out incredible amounts. I'd say it's a brightened, medium-dark fuchsia with very, very subtle blue undertones with a matte finish. It's not a lipstick I draw for occasionally but this is top of my summer lipstick list.

Chili: I don't know where to start with this one. This is by far my favourite MAC lipstick. Everybody says that the perfect red shade is Ruby woo. Well not for me, this wins by a mile. I feel that because this is a warm brown/orange red it's alot more suitable to my skin tone. It has a matte finish. I would definitely advise purchasing this lipstick. I wear this on a regular basis wether that may be on a day to day thing or on a night out. It can just suit my needs.

Below are the swatches of all the lipsticks mentioned:

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please comment your favourite MAC lipsticks below and i'll makesure to take a look as I would like some new ones to my collection! I also hope this helped if you're debating purchasing a MAC lipstick and you're unsure on what colour to opt for.

Until next time,

Friday, 11 December 2015

Christmas gift guide for her

So as we all know Christmas is fast approaching. 2 weeks today to be exact, and that is honestly freaking me out. If you're like some people ( my boyfriend ) and have left all your shopping until last minute this gift guide might be able to help. I have included products that I feel would be the best for the prices. I would be more than happy to recieve any of these products.



I selected a wide range of gifts due to some people prefering makeup to shower items ect. I think all these gifts are well thought out and well selected as I think these are great gift sets for the prices. Also alot of these gifts have also gone down in price due to it being so near to christmas so grab what you can now whilst they're cheap. 

I hope this helped you out in possible gift ideas,

Until next time,

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