Thursday, 26 May 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills - That glow review

So firstly I need to apologise. I've been completely unactive this year apart from the one post that I published. I know it's bad, 5 months into the year and i've successfully managed to fail and upload one post. I've had a pretty rough year and alot of obstacles have been in my way but nethertheless. I am back now, and i'm ready to blog to my hearts content.


I recieved this ABH glow kit a few months back, probably around February? And to be totally honest I haven't really decided to use it all that much. At first I thought ' wow I am not touching this, i'm gonna treat it like a child to me. It's gold ' and then when I eventually caved in and used it, I can't say it's out of the ordinary. 

Firstly the size of this palette is slightly mad. If you have the ABH contour kit you may have reacted in the way I did when thinking it would be bigger than it was? I personally found the ABH contour kit slightly on the small side compaired to what I was expecting. Well with the Glow kit I had the complete opposite. I thought this palette would be smallish but wow, no way. It's so much bigger than expected. So on that front I would already say you're getting your money's worth basing on size.

I found the pigmentation wasn't what I thought it would be. I mean don't get me wrong, this is a highly pigmented palette. But I just didn't manage to see the match up between the actual pigmentation when swatched compaired to some of the images i've seen on instagram. Making the shades look 10x more pigmented then they actually appear.

The shade I seem to draw for the most is probably Sunset, which is the top left one. Sunset is almost like a white gold highlighter. I personally find that this is more of a night out highlighter as it probably has the most pigmentation. Whereas the bottom 2 shades are more of your everyday highlight colour. And the top right colour is more of your sunkissed goddess look.

The only downside to this product for me is that I don't seem to find myself drawing for this product as much as I thought I would. My Mac soft and gentle highlight is definitely recieving more use than this ABH Glow kit, which is a shame as this was an expensive product. 

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