Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Top 3 liquid lipsticks

It feels so long since I last wrote a blogpost ( admittedly it has been over a month ). I've been bad at managing time over the past month or so but I've been constantly working and finishing my uni work off. But nevertheless I should be back to normalish now. I should probably start bulk blogging on days off and then I can't moan at myself for being so bad with time.

Last week I discovered a shop near me that sells american makeup brands. Now this was a massive discovery for me as I find it so hard to find certain brands without ordering online in bulk and paying a bomb for postage. So I was so excited when I found this shop. Unfortunately they don't sell a majority of brands I want to get my hands on but they have a small majority which is still super exciting. I only managed to purchase 2 things from here but I noticed they were both liquid lipsticks and after trying them both I noticed a crazy immediate love for them. This inspired me to do my top 3 liquid lipsticks.

So firstly check out this amazing purse that I won in a giveaway. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to show it off with my lipsticks inside. So thank you to Holly for hosting this giveaway makesure you check her blog out here!

So one of my first favourite liquid lipsticks is the Jeffree Star velour liquid lipstick in the shade " i'm nude ". This is my first Jeffree Star purchase and definitely not my last. I am obsessed with this shade. Although it's alot lighter than my usual nude there's something about this that i'm drawn to. Noticabley the colour drys slightly darker than when first applied but not too much. The lasting power of this liquid lipstick for me is a winner. I've noticed before that multiple liquid lipsticks only stay on my lips for a small amount of time. But i've found this one manages to stay on my lips for a lot longer. 

My next favourite liquid lipstick is the Lime Crime liquid lipstick in Cashmere. This is a nudey brown colour. It's slightly darker to my ususal nude but it's got the same impact on me as the Jeffree Star one. There's something about this that I am obsessed with. I find that this colour mixed with the Jeffree star " I'm nude " makes a gorgeous nude colour. I find that the lasting power for this liquid lipstick isn't the best. I find it only lasts a small amount of time. Although I find that this has the best scent. It smell's like vanilla cupcakes.

This is my third and final favourite liquid lipstick. This is the Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipstick in ecstasy. I have only used this particular one once but it is a definite favourite already. The lasting power is definitely the best out of all the liquid lipsticks. It stayed on my lips for a good few hours. I am obsessed with the colour. It's like a mauvy nudey brown, purple. I wouldn't really say it has a strong scent if such. It slightly smells like vanilla and cosmetics. Thats a hard scent to describe.




I really hope you enjoyed this post. Comment below what your favourite liquid lipsticks are!

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  1. I LOVE Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks. I currently own seven and I plan to buy more, if not all of the shades in the future. :)

    My favourite of the bunch so far is Redrum as it's a gorgeous true red shade. I want to get I'm Nude too! But I doubt it would suit me. xD

    I'm not a fan of Lime Crime due to the issues surrounding the company... If you haven't heard about them and you're curious about it, then Google is your friend. :)

    Loving your blog! Get a Bloglovin' account so I can follow you! ^_^


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