Thursday, 3 September 2015

Starting university

Okay so this is going completely off the beauty theme of my blog but I have been having a think, and feel this is a needed blog post. So firstly this is going to be a rant and I know some people either don't like rants or don't like blog posts that are so different to what I usually post.

So you may have already guessed by the title of this post this is going to be about starting university. I've been having a long hard think and I am so unhappy and annoyed about the whole university malarkey.

The costs:

Firstly I want to rant about costs, loans ect. The course I am going to be starting is priced at £9,000 per year. My course is 3 years long wich is already adding up to £27,000 worth of debt. Now I know that some people may be able to afford this without taking out a loan or what not, but for people like myself who can't afford it taking out loans is the only option. So aswell as taking out a tutition fee loan I have also had to take out a normal loan for material costs ect. For example, there is a large list of books that i'll be needing to buy for my 3 year period. Which is alot of money considering one of the books second hand is still over £100. Which is crazy money. I am so baffled and confused as to why teens are expected to be paying all this money out like it's free. I know this is where the loans come in handy but either way, I will still have to be paying this money back in later life.

I have actually debated not going to uni purely because i'm already majorly stressing over how much debt i'll end up in. And I don't think that anyone should have to feel that way. There are people I know who aren't going to uni because they don't want to be in debt for a large amount of there life, therefore they're missing out on further education. I understand that you pay the money back when you have a high paying job and what not but I still feel that this is all a massive stress being put on teenagers.

I undestand that they'll be stopping the whole taking out loan situation in a year or so which then makes it even harder for people to attend university. And if people can't afford to go to uni because there wont be an option of loans ect then what will happen? shortage of jobs? loss of jobs? it's just a silly idea and silly situation all in all.

Why should we have to pay for furthering our education?

So although I may not be doing a scientific course in order to be a doctor or something. Why on earth should we have to pay to further our education? Surely wanting to further our education is already saying that we want to be successful in life? I am a strong believer in if you want to further your knowledge and your understanding of the certain subject then you definitely shouldn't have to pay stupid money for it. I get that not everyone is in my position of having to take loans out because i.e other peoples parents may pay for it ect. But I know alot of people are in my position and I am so confused as why they try to take as much money out of teens as they are.

I don't feel that half of the courses there is available are worth the ridiculous prices they charge per student. It's not as if were getting much back? For me i'm not getting free resources, free books ect. I have to pay for more on top of what i'm already paying just for being on the course.

Loans pros and cons

I kind of have mixed feelings over loans. They have there benefits but they also have great disadvantages. I understand people use their loans for whatever they want but so many people take them out just to wash away. And I get that with having a large sum of money in your bank account for once is exciting and your first instinct is to spend it all but I then think what are these loans good for other than resources and if you're living in student acom. I have a friend who is using her loans purely for rent, her baby and herself. Which I completely understand because thats what it's there for and she wouldn't be able to survive without this money. But then in later life people have the issue of having to pay there loans back on top of student fees. And if someone is already experiancing a lack of money problem they will have to pay this all back.

I feel I may have addressed a few issues multiple times, and feel I may have repeated myself slightly? But I needed to get this off my chest because I have been keeping this locked up and it's highly stressing me out. I apologise this is off topic to my usual posts but i'll be back onto beauty after this.

I just feel that maybe i'm not the only person thinking of this?
Until next time,

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