Thursday, 20 August 2015

Elf baked blushes review

More recently I have been reaching for blushes almost daily. I've never really seen the fascination over blushes as my cheeks are quite rosey anyway. But Since recieving my Makeup revolution blush palette I have been obsessed! 

I got these Elf baked blushes a couple of months back when I did a beauty swap with my American friend Ashley. I asked for products from various brands and Elf was one of them. Obviously baked blushes have a more shimmer to them so I do prefer using them as highlights. The colour variation is so wide therefore I have lots of possibilities for various shaded highlights / blushes.
I am absolutely loving the packaging for this product. It looks so simple and formal yet so nicely dressed at the same time.

 I'm a big fan of the strips at the bottom of the packaging giving you a look at the colours and patterns within each one.
Left to right: Peachy cheeky, Pink diamonds, Passion pink and pinktastic. My personal fave is pinktastic. It's got a golden, pinky glow. The pigmentation of these blushes isn't too bad but it's buildable.

Peachy cheeky (left) has a golden orangey glow. And Pink Diamonds (right) is more of a silvery pink colour. One mad fascinastion that I have over these blushes is the pattern running through the left blush. It looks so elegant and magical and just gives off a gorgeous appearance. I'd say that because of how gorgeous they look it has to be on of the main selling points because they're so mesmerising to look at.
Passion pink (left) is a silver pink shimmer with orange undertones. And Pinktastic (right) is a gorgeous gold with subtle pink undertones. Which is perfect for summer. I love these products and would definitely advise checking them out for the amazing price they're being sold at.

Purchase them here!
Baked blushes
Baked highlighters

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