Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Autumnal make up

It feels like such a long time since I last posted but i've been so busy recently! I've been finishing uni bits off and working and I also went to Reading festival which was crazy. But I should hopefully be back on track now.

The weather is rainy, the nights are getting colder, jumpers and coats are now in every clothing shop. So this can only mean one thing.. Winter is coming!!! ( no game of thrones pun intended )

I'm so excited about this change of weather because winter is my favourite season. The past couple of days i've been drawing for more warmer clothes as it's started getting fairly cold. And I get so excited over winter clothing. I'm also so excited to be able to wear berry lipsticks again. They're probably my favourite lip colours so i'm genuinely over the moon about this. So in spirit of autumn I felt the need to do a autumnal make up look. I absolutely adore this look and I was so excited to create this.

So firstly, I've had bad skin recently lots of outbreaks of spots. I think this could be to do with weather changes ect. So when this happens I prefer to wear full coverage foundations to try and hide any blemishes ect.The past couple of days i've found myself drawing for this Avon flawless foundation. I've only used this a handful of times and felt the need to give it another shot. I've also not been enjoying my W7 HD foundation recently as it's not working well with the dry skin on my nose and it feels heavy. So after priming with my Benefit porefessional I applied this with my real techniques blender which I actually purchased about 3 months ago? and only started using it at the weekend. I've been wetting it with my Avon setting spray which has honestly helped drastically with the application of the sponge. It is amazing. It gives me a flawless looking face and evenly spreads my foundation out.

I then moved onto contouring. For highlighting I used my collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in the shade 01 Fair. I then also used my Benefit Boing concealer in the shade 02 light-medium. This is a great under eye concealer. For the shading part I used the makeup revolution contour palette. This is a great Anastasia Beverly Hills dupe and for a fraction of the price at only £8. I have a full blogpost on how I contour here

I applied Benefit hoola bronzer to add more definition to my cheek bones and applied a blush from my makeup revolution blush palette. And I also applied the colour pop smokin whistles highlight to my cheek bones.

I then moved onto my brows which seems to be a longer process day-by-day. I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade in the shade medium brown. I apply this with my  Eco tools eyeliner brush. I am actually looking to find a different eyebrow brush if anybody has any suggestions please comment below! I then sculpted my brows out with the Benefit boing concealer ensuring they looked perfectly shaped.

I then moved onto my eyeshaddow. All my eyeshaddows are from my makeup revolution Ultra 32 shade eyeshaddow palette  FlAWLESS. I applied the colours Uncover and Paper all over my lids as a base colour. I then applied the colour Medal which is a copper colour all over my lids. I then went into my crease with the colour Tarnish and also applied this under my lower lash line. And also blended that with the colour Cafe Noir. I added the colour Night to the very end of my eyelid along the lashline and blened round into my crease. I finally added the colour Highlite to my tearduct and my brown bone.

I decided not to added any winged liner for this look as I wanted to keep it simple. So I curled my lashes and applied the Loreal superstar mascara and then ontop of that I applied a layer of the essence maximum volume mascara to finish my eyes.

And last but not least I applied a berryish lipstick. I decided to go with Viva Glam 3.  I haven't wore it before so I felt that it went well with my look.

And this is my finished look!

I am super happy with this look and will definitely be wearing it into the autumn weather as I feel that it's perfectly suited for winter ect. If you would like to see any more autumn / winter make up looks then comment below because I really enjoy creating them. I hope this helped you gain some inspitation for your make up this winter. Comment below and tell me your favourite berry lipsticks. I would love to purchase some new ones!
Until next time, 

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