Saturday, 19 September 2015

Emily Canham inspired make up

I'm so obsessed with Emily Canham at the minite, she is by far my favourite youtuber. If you haven't checked her videos out then take a look here! You can also check her vlog channel out here, and she uploads every day which is great because her vlogs are so interesting!
I've been watching her videos for sometime now and it is only recently i've just binged watched her videos for the past month or so. I am literally so jealous of how gorgeous she is, so I really wanted to do a makeup look inspired by her!

I used numerous products in my best attempt to recreate one of Emily's everyday looks. I tried my 
hardest to recreate her look in every way I could.

So firstly I primed my face using my favourite primer which is the Benefit porefessional. This is agreat hydrating primer and helps to create a flawless base. I then used my real technique miracle complexion sponge and sprayed with my Avon make up setting spray. This helps blend the foundation in and also keeps it lasting alot longer. 
For my foundation I used my W7 HD ready.         This is just a really good high coverage foundation. As Emily has flawless skin I wanted to create a high coverage to get rid of any imperfections. I used this foundation in my tanning colour which is ' Sand beige ' as Emily is always tanned. So I blended this all round my face and onto my neck to give the best possible tanned look that I could.

I then contoured ( which I didn't photograph ) using my makeup revolution ultra contour palette. Using the lightest contour powder and just applying this to the hollows of my cheeks, my nose and my hair line.
I then moved onto my eyebrows. I used the Anastasia Beverly hills dipbrow pomade in the shade medium brown. Emily has gorgeous brows and I tried my best to recreate her eyebrow shape. I found this difficult as I had to draw bits in to make them look as similar as I could and this did actually take me a good half hour or so.

I drawed more of a rounded arch compaired to my sharp arch and I drew some extra hairs at the front of my eyebrows.  I also brought the brows down more towards the ends as I have fairly short eyebrows.                                                                                  

I then moved onto my eye makeup. In the photo I was recreating Emily had fairly neutral eye make up. So I used my makeup revolution iconic FLAWLESS palette and applied the creamy colour bottom left and the colour i'm pointing to as my base colours. I then just applied the third colour from the bottom ( subtle brown ) into my crease and blended. I then applied my liquid liner to my upper lash line and created a smallish cat eye. I also applied a white liner to my lower lashline to make my eyes pop. I then had the difficulty of applying some false lashes. I used some Eylure self adhesive lashes which are actually probably the worst lashes I've used. The first time I used them they  fell off within minutes. So I used some eyelash glue to apply these. I then applied my loreal superstar mascara on to my lashes to try and create lashes that look slightly like Emily's. ( This failed )

In order to create Emilys curls, I decided to use my Tresemme heated rollers. This created effortless curls to my hair. Although I am very inpatient and only managed to leave them in for about 2 minutes which didn't really give me much to work with!

For my lips I used my essence lip liner in the colour honey berry. I then blended this into my lips and applied Mac Brave all over my lips. I thought this was the best suited pink nude that was close to the one Emily was wearing.

And this is my finished look! I really hope you enjoyed this post. I felt like trying to do an inspired look for once instead of doing my own thing. I am very happy with the outcome. Cleary I don't look as gorgeous as she does but I tried my very best at recreating her look! Comment below and tell me who your favourite youtubers are.

Until next time,

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