Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Ventriloquist dummie make up look

Firstly I need to apologise. Yes I know, I seem to do this too often but I have been crazy busy recently. I've recently just started university and I have already been gave a load of work to do. And on my days off i'm either working or doing something else. I feel so bad about not posting in a while but I am trying my hardest to keep ontop of my posts.

So i'm super excited because were into autumn now and autumn is without a doubt my favourite month just like everybody else's. I love the colours of the trees, the colder days and obviously Halloween. I've been having a play around with my make up to try and come up with a few good Halloween ideas. So this is a first of many Halloween make up posts! I've never actually attempted doing ventriloquist dummie make up before so this is my first time ( be nice ). I am actually so happy with the outcome.

Prodcuts used:
Maybelline dream satin liquid
Collection lasting perfection concealer in the shade fair
Hoola bronzer
Makeup revolution ultra blush palette in the shade sugar & spice
Models own black eye liner
Avon lipstick in the shade lush
Urban Decay deluxe shadow box
Loreal superstar mascara
Eylur self adhesive lashes
White cream facepaint Asda
Maybelline brow satin

So firstly I used my maybelline dream satin foundation and just blended this around my face with my real techiques sponge. I then used my concealer and applied under my eyes, on my forehead, my chin and around my nose. I then blended this in with my real techniques sponge.
I used my benefit hoola bronzer to bronze up my cheek bones, my forehead and around my jaw line. I feel that this just helps to create a more glowy look. I then applied my blusher and I applied this quite heavy as ventriloquists usually seem to have very blushed rosey cheeks. I used the 2 darkest and brightest pinks in my makeup revolution palette to create this emphasized blush look.

I then moved onto my eyebrows. I used the models own black eyeliner to fill my eyebrows in creating fake looking chalked eyebrows. I wanted them too look as fake as possible and felt a bold colour such as black did this job perfectly. I then used the same liner to draw 2 black lines from each side of my mouth going down and under my chin. I also used this to draw fake freckles on my nose and cheeks. This gave a more ' dummie ' feel to the make up look. I used my maybelline satin brow pencil to draw lines on my cheeks to emphasise my cheek shape. As ventriloquists have raised and bold cheeks. This also created the effect of my face looking more dimentional. I also used this to add harsh unblended contour lines down my nose. This gave the illusion that my nose was more dimentional.

For my eyes I used the Urban Decay deluxe shadow box. I used the colour ' Peace ' Wich is a shimmery blue all over my upperlid and then took the green colour ' Graffitti ' through my crease to make my eyes pop more. I then used the pink colour ' Fishnet ' and just applied this to the outter corners of my lid. I felt these colours were traditional ventriloquist colours. I loved the brightness and the intensity. 
For the rest of my eyemake up I used white facepaint and applied this just under my eyes and then applied my Eylur self adhesive lashes. This gave the effect that my eyes are bigger than they actually are. I felt this was a good technique in creating the big bold ventriloquist eyes. I joined the ends of the lashes up to my natural eyes with black liquid eyeliner to make it look more natural.
I finished this look off with my Avon red lipstick. Like any ventriloquist bright red lips are an essential. 

And that is my finished look. I really hope this helped you grasp some inspiration for halloween. I really enjoyed creating this look and may have to give this a go for my Halloween outfit.
I will be trying to create some more spooky looks before Halloween arrives so keep posted for that.

If you have any Halloween make up looks you'd like me to create leave a comment below and let me know!

Until next time,

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