Monday, 13 July 2015

Top 3 summer lipsticks

I genuinely can't believe were in summer now. It doesn't feel that way with the messed up weather England is experiencing. One day it's 30 degrees the next it's pouring with rain. Either way I love summer and wanted to share my top 3 summer lipsticks.

Is it only after I took all the photos I realised that all the lipsticks are the same shape and style. But
this is purely down to coincidence.

Firstly they're all fairly similar shades but not identical to one another. I love wearing brighter, pinkier shades when the weather is nice as it increases my mood. Which probably sounds odd but brighter pretty lip colours cheer me up.

Left to right: Too faced colour bomb, Revlon colour burst, Bourjois Paris colour boost.

You can also see the similarities in the names. All involving the word ' colour ' and then ending in a different B word.

The Bourjois and Too faced ones have more of a glossy finish where as the revlon one is a matte finish.
I like the variation of the finishes as sometimes matte lipsticks aren't great when you have dry or cracked lips. Where as with the glossy finish ones they feel alot healthier on your lips.

Here I have photographed swatches from each lipstick.

The Too faced colour bomb is also a lip maximiser so it leaves a tingle to your lips. You can't really notice much difference in the ' maximising ' part but it's a gorgeous bright eye catching colour. The smell is glorious. It smells like strawberry laces which makes it that much more wearable as you just want to eat it.

The Revlon colour burst lipstick is fairly drying on the lips. It is described as a matte balm wich is the honest truth as it doesn't say it's
moisturising. This is more of an everyday colour as it's slighty darker than the other two. The smell is fairly strange. It smells very minty which isn't what i'd expect.

The Bourjois colour boost lipstick is such a great buy. It's described on the packaging as ' comfort and hydration ' which it is. It's also waterproof, 10 hour lasting and has a SPF of 15. The smell is more floraly than sweet. This is a more vibrant coral / peach colour. My only downfall to this product is when I bought it the weather was fairly warm and I noticed that it seemed to melt it a tad which was annoying.

As an overall this are must buys if you haven't already purchased any of these. They are all reasonably priced ( the two faced one costing slightly more than the other 2 ) but they are definitely all worth the money.

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