Friday, 10 July 2015

My contouring routine

I really wanted to show my contouring routine as i've gone from never doing any sort of contouring to doing contouring on a daily basis. It's not too heavy as I prefer it being slightly subtle.

For my contouring powder i'm using the sleek faceform palette in the shade light.  If you don'y already have one of these then I strongly advise purchasing one. The powder is the perfect shade for me to contour with.

Here you can see where I contour. This is just the basic contour method. You can contour less that this or more than this. Whatever you feel most comfortable doing. As I always say less is more. If you're new to contouring you can start off doing just your cheek bones on along your nose and gradually build it up over time as I have done.

I find that for me these are the most important places to focus on. Because of my face shape I like to attempt slimming it down as much as possibe.

The next step is blending! blending is the most important step to ensure that all of the harsh lines are gone and it leaves the effect of a shaddow. I'm using a beauty blender to blend as I feel this works best for me.

Once belended in I then apply a bronzer just to allow my cheek bones to stand out slightly more. I'm using the Bourjois Paris maxi delight bronzer. This is one of the prettiest bronzers i've used and it's the perfect light / shimmery summer tone.
Bronzer is key. It is important so that your contour stands out more. I also personally feel it adds a little extra to my face.

Next I'll highlight. I'm using the highlight in my sleek faceform palette because it's so fricken gorgeous. I apply this to my cheek bones, nose and forehead slightly.

I find this such a gorgeous mesmerising highlighter. It really stands out and is very pigmented.

I'll then apply a blusher just on the apples of my cheeks going up slighly onto my cheek bones. I feel this creates a stronger contour and gives a summery glow.

This is my finished look. I really hope this helped if you're new to contouring or you just need a bit more experience or even if you're just fascinated as to how I contour. Contouring can create a complete new face shape. It is so flattering when done correctly. I am happy with my outcome as i'm resonably new to contouring.

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