Saturday, 25 July 2015

Current drugstore favourites

As I've been picking up bits and bobs lately from boots and superdrug I felt the need to do my current drugstore favourites. The only thing I didn't get from the drugstore was the elf baked blush, as I recieved this in my beauty swap with my friend Ashley. Check her instagram out here!! I will be uploading my swap post within the next week or so as i've been so busy!

                                                                                    Colourpop lippie stix
Firstly my new favourite lip product is definitely this Colourpop lippie stix in the shade lumiere. This is from the Kathleen lights collection and she states. " I wanted a colour that both bold and shy people could wear. " Which is a perfect summary of what it is. Although this isn't drugstore for the UK it is in America so I felt it was acceptable. This is a gorgeous dusty mauve pink with a matte finish but it's not at all drying on the lips. This looks with pale skin as I am fairly pale and feel this is a great shade for me. It's such a great quality for the price of $5. I         Hope Colourpop will be shipping to                                                                                                         The UK soon!

Essence soft touch mousse foundation
My next favourite is this Essence soft touch mousse foundation. Essence is starting to become more popular recently as their brand of makeup is high quality and affordable. This is exactly like the maybelline dream matte mousse. The only difference being this is around £4. Which I thought was a bargain. This is a high coverage with a matte effect. Essence is avaliable in Wilkinsons only for anyone who is interested.

 Real techniques brushes
I don't know how it's took me this long to finally purchase real techniques brushes. They're somthing i've wanted for a very long time and is it only now i've purchased them. They're so soft and leave such a flawless finish. I picked up the core collection kit, expert face brush and a blush brush ( mainly because I wanted a pink one to add to the collection.) I will definitely be picking more of these up soon as they look so gorgeous also.

Elf baked blush
 I got this gorgeous baked blush in the shade pinktastic from Elf in my swap. I felt that I couldn't leave it out of my favourites as this is one of my new go to products. I use this as a highlighter as it's so shimmery. I would personally say it doesn't really have a blush colour to it. It is alot better to be used as a highlighter. This is only 1 of 4 that I got, but this is by far my favourite.

Bourjois maxi delight bronzer
This is such a gorgeous bronzer. I saw in boots a few weeks back they had an offer if  I spent over £15 on bourjois makeup I recieved this bronzer, a colour boost lip crayon and a bronzer brush for absolutely nothing! I saw this offer and couldn't refuse. It is a subtle bronzer with a gold shimmer. Perfect for summer with or without a tan. It's a great bronzer for pale skin as it's subtle and not too heavy to brush on.

MUA undress your skin highlighter
I actually picked up the wrong highlighter without realising as I wanted the white/gold one. Although this wasn't the one I wanted I am still loving this. It's not very pigmented but I enjoy using it ontop of the elf baked blush as it creates a gorgeous highlight.

Kleenex shine absorbing sheets
I got a free sample of these a couple of years back when I went to the clothes show live. Since then I had to pick up some more of these as they are so frickin good. These are literally PERFECT for people who suffer oily skin. They're basically little pads that you rub on your oily areas before doing your makeup and it wipes all the oils away. It helps you have a cleaner, softer face for when applying makeup. They help to give a flawless finish. They really are so good and if you haven't tried these I STRONGLY advise it. I honestly can't praise these enough. I am unsure if                                                                                     they still sell these in boots but you can buy them                                                                                     on amazon here!!

                                                                                       With love

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