Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The power of make up

I am obsessed with make up. I can't help but pop into a drugstore whilst on my travels into town. I never intend to buy so much.. it just happens? So I really wanted to do a ' Power of make up ' look. I've only seen a couple of people do this but i think it's a great idea. It really can show the difference make up can make. The look i've gone for is more of a night time look, as the eye and lip makeup is fairly dark. I'll list all products used at the end.

Firstly, I have fairly red blotchy skin. Mainly located on my cheeks. So therefore I used a primer to help even my skin out. I prefer high coverage foundations to hide any imperfections that make me feel self concious. I also have a few spots of my face. This is mainly due to the change in weather which is making me break out. 

I contour slightly as I don't like over contouring. I used my contour, highlight and blush palette and contoured my nose, chin and cheeks. I then applied my highlighter to my arch of my brow and my cheek bone. Finalising it off with bronzer on my cheek bone, head and slightly on my neck line. I then applied a pink blush.

I really quite like my natural eyebrow shape. I basically just fill in my brows and create more of an arch. It's took me a while to grow my brows into this shape due. My eyebrow hairs grow fairly slow and it's took me a few years to get them to this stage. I went though a stupid patch in year 8 where I decided to pluck my eyebrows into oblivion. I had extremely thin eyebrows so looking at how they used to be to how they are now makes me very happy.

I applied concealer underneath my eyes and on any visible spots that I can see. This will brighten my eye area and cover any dark circles or bags that I may have.

For my eyes I blended neutral colours and a dark brown together to create a smokey look. I then applied my liquid eyeliner to my upper lash line and finshed with a wing. I then used mascara to brighten up my eyes and allow them to look bigger.

I then finished with a dark deep red lipstick beacuse well why not.

Products used:

Concealer: Collection lasting perfection 01 fair

Bronzer: George Honey bee

Eye shaddows: Urban decay shaddow deluxe

                          W7 in the buff

                           Loreal La palette nude - rose 

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