Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Benefit haul

Only recently my love for benefit makeup has grown stronger. I'm unsure where this sudden love has sprung from but i'm really enjoying a majority of their products. As you may or may not have seen on my instagram page I posted a photo of lots of new benefit makeup that i've purchased. Some products were presents for my aunties birthday and some were just things that I really wanted to re purchase or try out. So I feel that this is the perfect time for a benefit haul / review post.

I managed to purchase some highly raved about items and also some things that I haven't heard alot about. 
I also purchased 2 full size porefessionals as I have a small tester version which I fell in love with. Can never have enough primers!

So firstly I picked up the Benefit they're real lash and eyeliner duo. I have already purchased the push up liner before and wasn't too impressed therefore I felt the need to give it a second attempt in order to try it again. I found it messy, difficult to apply and difficult to take off. I also found that when I took the lid off a lot of eyeliner would come out and spread into the lid. I was hoping I had a bad one and i'll see if this is any better. And then I obviously picked up the Benefit they're real mascara. I have never actually tried this mascara before ( shock horror! ) mainly because I have the W7 dupe which I was happy enough with. I'm also not a massive fan on hoarding mascaras. I feel they're very samey and what not. But I felt this was something I had to purchase after eyeing it up for a long time ( no pun intended)

I then picked up the " hello flawless " custom powder. I have never really heard anyone talking about this but I thought i'd give it ago because I thought the packaging was really appealing. It's so compact and cute. I think this is an amazing product for the price. It's a high coverage with an obvious matte finish. I picked mine in the colour Beige which was abit stupid really considering I picked up the hello flawless oxygen wow in the shade ivory. But never the less I apply this when i'm tanned as it matches well to my tan ( as i'm a very pale person ) giving me great coverage for a night out. I love that you open it up and it has the mirror and then you open up beneath the power and there is a brush and a sponge. You can use the brush for a seamless finish or use the sponge for cover up of spots, discolouration ect. Having the compact option is great. Especially if you're out and about.

The next item is an obvious buy. I recieved a small porefessional when I bought a box from boots. It's a box with 3 tiny tester benefit products in so you can try them out. I instantly fell in love with this primer. It was literally love at first sight. It's so softening on the face and really does help cover up to create a flawless finish. I don't think i'll change my primer unless I could find anything to top porefessional. Honestly this thing is my fricken holy grail. I initially went to the benefit counter just to purchase this. You can see that plan failed already when I mentioned I got 2 of these.

I saw this and thought that the packaging was so nice. The colours on the box are bright and eye catching. I haven't actually heard anyone talking about the creaseless shaddows but I couldn't resisit. I picked up the colour " birthday suit " as I found it to be such a gorgeous shimmery colour. It is so creamy and easy to apply. It also lives up to the name of "creaseless" as it just glides on. I read you could actually apply these as eyeliner, by using an angled brush so if anybody wants me to do a post on that comment below!

I found that the boiing concealer is also another product I haven't heard much about. I did hear justjodess on youtube saying how much she loves this concealer and how high coverage it is. But other than that I haven't heard anyone speak much of it. This concealer comes in 5 shades. I picked mine up in the shade 01 which is the lightest shade. I found that it does give fairly high coverage of any blemishes or discolour to the face. I felt slightly out of my comfort zone when using this concealer as I'm used to using the collection lasting perfection concealer wich is a liquid concealer instead of a cream. So when it comes to applying this product it is a completely different experience for me as I just swear by the lasting perfection concealer.
This is one product i've been uming and aring about for sometime now.  But I finally persuaded myself into buying it. I think what put me off is that it's a light to medium coverage. I'm using to high coverage and basically covering my whole face up. But I felt that as the weather has been getting nicer ( for a week or so, now we're back to rain ) this foundation would feel more weightless on my skin and make my face look alot more natural. I purchased this about 2 weeks ago and I haven't had a day without using it. This foundation really is one of the best make up purchases i've ever made. It's such a glowy foundation which I love as it helps me look more natural and I can feel the difference it makes my skin feel already. It lasts all day for me and I have quite oily skin so this is a massive bonus. I would definitely adivise this product if you have oily skin as it feels so natural, covers up and stays on all day.

And last but not least I picked up this benefit bronze of champions total bronze kit. I felt that I wan'ted to try some of these products before purchasing full size versions. And I really wanted to give hoola a try as I can't seem to convince myself into buying the full size version. But this box has fully convinced me. I also recieved a small benefit they're real, watts up highlighter, ultra plush lip gloss in hoola, the creasless cream eyeshaddow in bikini tini and the longwear powder shaddow in thanks a latte. I really liked the watts up highlight. It's a golden / white creamy colour. It's fairly subtle and looks lovely paired with hoola. The only products I wasn't pleased with was the bikini tini shaddow, the thanks a latte shaddow and the hoola lip gloss. I found that the shaddows weren't very pigmented for what they were. And as for the hoola lip gloss, I just don't like lipglosses. I am ani lipgloss so there isn't much supprise as to why I don't like it. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it helped if you're debating purchasing any of this products.

Untill next time, 

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