Friday, 8 May 2015

Mid March favourites

I know we're only at May the 8th but because I didn't do an April favourites post this is kind of end of April / Beginning of May combined into one.

MAC honey love lipstick
I have had a mad obsession for honey love and velvet teddy recently. I kind of went from rarely wearing any form of lipstick / gloss ect. To wearing either one of these everyday. Because they're so neutral and nude they look great for an everyday casual look. Everyone complains that they're both drying but I've had the complete opposite. I find them extremely moisturising for me and they make my lips look and feel great.

Two faced colour bomb
I only got this a couple of weeks ago and wore it a couple of times but the two faced colour bomb lipsticks are amazing. I've got the colour coral pop, mainly because I wanted a change and wanted a brighter colour to add to my collection. They're supposed to create the effect of fuller lips which I personally don't agree on. I don't see the difference in my lips. I can feel them tingling but they don't really plump them. Either way the colour is great and it's moisturising on my lips.

Collection - Little Mix palette
I went into superdrug a bout a month ago and noticed this product. Unfortunately they didn't have any in stock which was disappointing. But I popped back in a couple of weeks and they had 2 in stock so I had to get one. For the product it was a brilliant price of £2.99. Which I found amazing. The colours are very pigmented and there's also a good selection. The colours are also great for an everyday look or a night time look. I would strongly advise taking a look at the collection as there is some great stuff for the prices.

Eco tools brushes
I have been wanting to try the Eco tools brushes for quite some time now and I bit my tongue and gave in. Honestly it wasn't the price that put me off buying them, I just hadn't heard many people reviewing them. But wow i'm so glad I got these because they're some of the best brushes I've used. They have such soft bristles, the handles are made out of bamboo and they're 100% cruelty free so I would definitely advise checking them out if you haven't already.

Moschino Hippy fizz perfume
This perfume is one of the sweetest smelling springy / summery scents I've smelt. Soon as I smelt it I knew it would make a great summer perfume for me. I'm not great at describing perfume scents so I won't attempt it.

3 ringed necklace
I got this from primark about mid April and so many people have complimented it when I wear it. Everyone that's complimented it has also asked if it's designer or real gold. It looks expensive and it was only £1.50! It's so dainty and beautiful. I love simplistic jewellery such as this necklace because they can still liven up an outfit.

Leather Jacket
To be honest I don't know where i'd be without my leather jacket. It's like my bestfriend. Now it's not as cold outside I've been wearing this constantly. You can't go wrong with a leather jacket because they can really create the casual everyday look or you can dress it for a night out. A leather jacket is a wardrobe essential. They don't age, go out of fashion or look boring. You can put it with literally anything.

I also have 2 more mid May favourites that aren't photographed due to them being at my mums house. But I thought i'd still include them.

Maybelline brow satin
I recently heard about this from Justjodess on youtube. She said it was the best dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow. And if you can't justify spending lots of money then this is the product for you. It's a double ended applicator with a pencilish thing on one end and a powder on the other end. It is definitely the best brow product I've purchased. It makes you're brows look so naturally defined without creating the completely penicled in look. It was about £6.99 which was a bargain. This will definitely be a re purchase because it really is a fabulous brow product.

Maybelline Superstar mascara
Now i'm not really one for buying multiple mascaras. I usually get one and stick to it for a long time but I decided to give this one ago because I heard velvetgh0st giving it a great review. It's a double ended mascara with a primer at one end that you apply before the actual mascara and at the other end is the mascara. It really lengthens my eyelashes but so naturally. It doesn't clump either which is brilliant when it comes to mascara. It's around £7.99 I think but It is amazing and would also advise purchasing one if you're looking for a new mascara.

What are your current favourites? comment below and let me know.
I'm also thinking about creating a twitter account for my blog. Would be blog / beauty and everyday life stuff related any opinions?

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