Thursday, 16 April 2015

I'm back bitches

So it's been awhile since my last post, which I do appologise about but I have been unbelievably busy the past few months. I have had a new job, college work, a holiday and lots more! but I will be posting more frequently soon I've just had a mad rush of busy.

Anyway i've done a subtle smokey eye look today. You can really rock a smokey eye whenever. I've recently been in love with brown shades and dark golds. They're very sophisticated and simple. I also added a hint of blue under my lash line to give a pop of colour. 

Products used:

  • W7 IN THE NUDE palette
  • Sleek face form palette
  • George Queen bee bronzer  
  • W7 HD foundation
  • W7 prime magic
  • Natural collection crushed walnut shaddow
  • MAC velevet teddy
  • MUA caramel nougat lip liner
  • ECOTOOLS makeup brushes
I found this look simple, quick and easy. It also looks natural. NOTE: I fancied a change and tried doing my brows different. Opinions?

Firstly for this look I applied my trusty W7 primer to accomplish a more flawless skin effect. It makes your skin feel great and softer. 
I then applied my W7 HD foundation and applied it with my W7 foundation brush. I have changed my foundation recently to Maybelline dream satin liquid but I feel that for a more flawless good coverage foundation my W7 one is the best.
I then did my subtle contour routine. I use the Sleek face form palette which has a brown powder, highlighter and a blush. They come in 3 different colours. Light palette, medium and dark. They're perfect for people who want to contour, but only slightly ( like me ). I apply the powder down the sides of my nose, cheek bones, cupids bow and slightly round my jaw line. I then belended this with my belending brush that I actually go from primark. It's essentially a beauty blender but just on a stick, so you can hold it with a handle instead. 
I then applied my highlighter just above my cheek bones and I then used the MUA undress your skin highlighter for my cupids bow section.
I applied my Queen bee bronzer to my cheek bones and around the top of my head and blended well.
I then moved on to my eyebrows and used an eyebrow pencil from Collection and filled them in.
I firstly applied a off cream from my in the nude palette and used it as a base for my shaddows. I then used my natural collection shaddow in crushed walnut and blended it in to the crease of my eye. I applied coffee cup over the crease to add more definition and colour. I then added fashinista in the corner of my eye and blended. For under my lash line i applied the collection 2000 dazzle me in the colour bewitch and blended. 
For my lashes I firstly curled them using my eye lash curlers and then applied my W7 absolute lashes mascara and ran through them with my Ecotools eyelash brush.
I used MAC velvet teddy lipstick and my MUA lip liner in the colour caramel nougat. I find that this is the perfect budget lip liner to match velvet teddy if you're unsure on buying a mac liner. 

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