Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentines makeup

I actually planned on uploading this post earlier on in the week but i've been extremely busy. Therefore it's slightly late but thats okay.

I didn't really have any ideas on what colours to use ect. So i've kind of just put a look together as i've gone on. I am genuinely very happy with the outcome though. I based my look around valentines colours. Pinks, purples ect.

The products I used:
Urban decay deluxe shadow box - colours; Fishnet, Ransom and Scratch.
Models own lip liner
Lipstick - unsure on brand
Essence effect eyeshaddow - Brazil's sunset
Barry M dazzle dust - Neon pink ( discontinued )
Hello Kitty deep purple eye shaddow - Boots
W7 In the nude palette

To create this look:

1. Firstly used the colour ' Marilyn ' from my W7 in the nude palette over the base of my eyelid.
2. I then used ' Ransom ' from my urban decay palette in the crease of my eye and slightly above.
3. I applied the 'Deep purple' hello kitty eye shaddow over the top and blended with Ransom.
4. I next applied ' Fishnet ' on the outter lid of my eye and blended into ' Deep purple '
5. I applied Barry M dazzle dust in 'Neon Pink ' over the top of fishnet and blended.
6. I then applied my Essence effect eyeshaddow in ' Brazil's Sunset ' on the base of my eye and blended.
7. I used my urban decay palette again and used the colour ' Scratch ' on top of my essence effect eyeshaddow to tone it down.
8. Lastly I applied my W7 ' lots of lashes ' mascara. 

I hope you enjoyed this look. When it comes to using brighter colours I kind of try to avoid it as I start feeling self conscious. But I genuniely loved this look and I will be definitely using more colour within my makeup.

Whatever you do for Valentines I hope you have a great day!

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