Monday, 23 February 2015

Pretty green eyes

I decided that I would do another eye make up look. This time I decided to go for greens. I rarely use other colours then browns, bronzes so I thought I would try something new!

I am extremely happy with the outcome of this look. I feel that the colours work really well together. They also blended beautifully which is a massive plus.

I also wanted to say how amazing the Barry M dazzle dusts are. I've had a few for around 2 years and I have only just used them this month. I wish I knew how amazing they were before hand. Will definitely be purchasing more of these.

Products used:
Barry M dazzle dust - shade 25 ( unsure on name )
Urban decay shaddow - Graffiti
W7 In the Buff palette ( dark chocolate colour )

1. I firstly put a white all over my eyes as a base colour. I used a white shaddow from my W7 palette. I find applying a white eyeshaddow as a base works really well as it brings the colours that are applied on top out alot more. 

2. I applied my highlighter to my brow bone to lift my eyebrow.

3. I then applied the urban decay shaddow ' Graffiti ' over the base of my eye and going slightly above into my crease. I brought this out to create a winged eyeliner look into my outer V.

4. I then applied a black shaddow from my W7 palette around the edges of my outver V section. I found this added depth to my eye. I also went around the top section with an angled brush.

5. I then blended the black with the green. To create a smokey look.

6. I added the Barry M dazzle dust to the outer section of my eye around the inside of the outer v section.

7. I used black liquid eye liner and applied it just to the inner corner of my eye to make my eye stand out more.

8. I applied my essence volumising mascara to complete my look.

I also wanted peoples opinions. I did a subtle attempt at contouring in these photos. Even though it's hard to see I would like peoples opinions on how it looks. 

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