Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Smokey gold eye

I've been in a fairly good mood today ( for once ) and I was also bored, therefore I decided I'd play around with makeup. I don't think I take full advantage of what makeup I have. I feel as if I kind of abandon it now and then. So this was literally the perfect opportunity.

I decided to create a kind of smokey gold eye as I thought it would be fun to create.

To create this look I:

1. Used a white eyeshaddow as my base. I used 'Style queen' from my 17 smoky eye palette.
2. I then used ' crushed walnut' by natural collection over the base of my eye and also going up above my crease.
3. I used ' Underground ' from my urban decay deluxe shaddow box on the crease of my eye and just above.
4. I then used ' Fashionista ' from my W7 in the nude palette in the crease of my eye.
5. And last but not least I used my Essence makeup effect eyeshaddow in the colour ' Brazil's sunset' over the base of my eye for the gold sparkle.

And then obviously I applied my collection 2000 Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner and my Essence makeup maximum volume mascara (which I am madly addicted to at the moment!)

I find that this is such a simple look to create which is the fun of it. I find that it looks like it takes longer than it actually does.
I am overly impressed with my efforts haha, although my brows are all over the place which I do apologise about.

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