Monday, 26 January 2015

Height doesn't matter

This post is kind of different to what i'd usually post but I feel this post is needed. Earlier on I was reading someones blog post on how if you're tall you shouldn't wear heels. Something along the lines of " if heels bring a man to your knees and don't bring a man to his knees you're doing it wrong. If you can't strut them well don't strut them at all " .

You can't shame someone on their height. Being tall doesn't mean you can't wear heels, it means the complete opposite. No matter what height you are you can strut in heels all you like and don't give a shit what anyone else has to say about it. I'm fairly tall myself and I wear heels without any worries whatsoever. I definitely don't think anyone can say shit about how somebody else dresses. 

Heels can be part of someone's confidence, and for another human being to knock somebody for wearing heels due to height is disgusting. 

" if you can't strut them well don't strut them at all ". OH okay so at what point in life is their a master class on how to walk in heels? At some point in every females life they won't have a clue in how to walk in heels for the first time. So everybody has to learn eventually right? Regardless of how you may walk in heels as long as YOU feel comfortable in heels don't give in. Regardless if you're 6'10 or 4'5 YOU can wear heels.  Body shaming, height shaming, size shaming and any shaming has to stop. I don't want to associate with humans who feel the need to make other people feel self conscious. It's disgusting that people feel the need to make other people feel rubbish just so they can get over their insecurities and in attempt to make themselves feel better. Rant over.

I have included some photos on gorgeous shoes to lighten the mood.

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