Saturday, 17 January 2015

Essence makeup review!!!

This morning I woke up to a parcel which I was really confused about as I hadn't ordered anything. Then when I opened it I had a makeup bag full of make up inside. My dad then told me that he had entered a competition to win me make up which he hadn't mentioned to me and he completely forgot he entered it himself.

I was really excited to try it out as my love for makeup has grown so much recently and I felt this would be a perfect opportunity to blog about. It came in a clear make up bag with an Essence card inside and tissue paper supporting the makeup.

The makeup brand is called ' Essence ' which I haven't actually heard of before but after trying some of it out I am actually very impressed. This makeup brand has only recently been avaliable to buy in the UK which you can purchase from Wilkinsons.

The eyeshaddows are fairly pigmented. My favourite is the effect eyeshaddow. It is such a beautiful colour like a gold metalic. It is very pigmented and it stays on for hours. The other 3 shaddows are fairly basic. They aren't as pigmented as the effect shaddow but they are more shimmery and glittery like a top shaddow.

I am also obsessed with the effect lipgloss 08. It is such a lovely bluey pink colour and it makes your lips feel so soft. I am definitely going to be using this as a top coat over lipstick regulary as it is so beautiful.

I also received nail foils and I have no word to describe them other than wow. I recieved the graffiti look nail foils and the best way to describe how it looks is like an oil spill in the road the beautiful rainbow colour mix. I am so excited to try this out but I'm waiting for my nails to grow so it'll look better.

I would advise people to buy Essence makeup as it is amazing and also reasonably cheap. Due to the makeup being pigmented, long lasting and all around lovely you wouldn't expect them to be sold at such a low price.

What I got:

 Swatches: Top left to bottom right.
 Effect lip gloss 02
 Effect lip gloss 08
 Colour flash volume mascara 02
 Long lasting eye pencil 01
 Kajal pencil 08
 3D eyeshaddow - bottom middle 2
 Effect eyeshaddow 01
 Metal glam eyeshaddow 11

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