Sunday, 2 November 2014


I was actually quite annoyed that I didn't have any parties to go to on Halloween. I still decided to do creepy makeup on myself and my boyfriend to take my sisters trick or treating though. I purchased some liquid latex special effect makeup and ' Zombie Flesh ' which I found in a costume shop. The liquid latex is absolutely amazing! I purchased it without realising that I wanted it for creating scary halloween make up last year. It can create some really realistic looking scars and wounds if created with the right makeup. I created my sisters gory looking wound with liquid latex, tissue, various red and black make up and heaps of fake blood. Not only does it look realistic but it's such fun to create. Being able to create it your way. As for the zombie flesh I wasn't particularly impressed. It was supposed to give like a crackly, skin crumbling off zombie effect but it did the complete opposite. Firstly it was really difficult to actually get out of the tube as it's really stiff. Secondly when applying it to the face it is really hard to spread. When it did spread it was just like a bluey greyish paste. This costed the same price as the liquid latex, £2.99. But with the liquid latex you get alot more for your money and it's easier to work with and creating your own look. But the zombie flesh was difficult to use and did the complete opposite of what it said it did. So overall I will definitely be purchasing the liquid latex again.

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