Sunday, 26 October 2014

OOTD and spooky experiences

I thought that today I would have a go at doing my first OOTD. surprisingly went overly well considering i'm not all that photogenic. So on to the outfit, firstly my whole outfit is from primark. I actually purchased this checked shirt style dress yesterday. I rarely wear dresses so for me to actually buy one and photograph it was quite a change! But soon as I saw it I had to buy it as I thought it would be a great winter dress. I personally love my coat. I find that as it's black and long it's so simple yet so stylish and will also go with anything because it's black. Although my only downfall is that there is no hood. ALTHOUGH this coat is the type of coat that wouldn't really suit a hood because of the style of it. I purchased these boots today! the had one pair in my size so it was fate. I just find that plain black chelsea boots are so simple and go with practically anything. And lastly my bag. Wow I absolutely adore my bag. I recently bought a different bag from primark and it broke within a week. I wasn't the slightest bit impressed. So i returned it and found this beauty. They were hidden away and there was about 3. spooky experiences - Well, whilst me and my boyfriend were strolling through the woods to take my OOTD photographs our cameras were both messing up. We didn't really think much of it. I then just wanted to get out of the woods as it was starting to get darker and it was just abit too creepy for my liking. On the way out we were looking through what little photos we managed to capture and we noticed that on all the photos my boyfriend took there was something a little strange about images. One of the images was of a tree and there was a section in the photo where there was a strange white faint circle, kind of orby and it was fuzzy around the outside of the circle. This was enough to creep me out. But then There was a photograph of me and next to me there was like a white ghostly shape. It's safe to say we're extremely creepEd and find it even creepier to the fact that it's Halloween this week.

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