Monday, 10 August 2015

Essence lipsticks review

As you may or may not know from a previous post I did i'm a really big fan of Essence products. All the products are high quality for the bargain price that they cost. I recently purchased some bits so I felt that this was a perfect opportunity to review some of their lip prodcuts.

So i'm trying this new thing where I try to stop buying the same colour lipsticks because my collection is bright pinks and nudes so i've tried to mix it up abit. I purchased a hot pink ( sorry not sorry ) a nude and a lighter pink. Firstly as you can see they look so appealing. I love lipsticks with engravements onto them because it just makes them look so delicate. The packaging is just simply matte black.

 I'm a massive fan of these lipsticks. They're so pigmented and long lasting. They're very moisturising for dry lips, they almost feel like a lip balm. I chose 3 very different colours just because i'm trying to switch my colours up. They are all very necessary colours for anyones lipstick collection. These lipsticks cost around £2.99 which is an absolute bargain! I would definitely recommend everyone to check out essence cosmetics because the products are amazing and affordable. So what more could you want? You unfortunately can't order off the essence website but you can check your nearest wilkinsons store to see if they sell essence or not.
Here I have swatched each colour. The first one is the light pink colour which is called Love me. The second colour is the hot pink colour called Blush my lips. And last but not least the nudey colour is called Cool nude. One thing I love the most about lipsticks are the names. They can be so amusing or appealing to me.
So I hope you enjoyed this post! comment below if you've tried any great essence products that you'd recommend for me to check out!
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