Hello! I'm Hannah and i'm 18 years old. I have a major obsession with beauty, photography and alot more.

I have various hobbies, non of which are all that interesting really. This includes going to concerts / festivals, photographing anything and everything, baking ( ocasionally ), shopping and playing around with my make up. I would say I don't really do much, i'm a fairly boring human. But I have just started university and I also work so other than that I enjoy sitting in bed, watching youtube videos and reading peoples blog posts. Oh and I also enjoy going out with friends and getting drunk. But thats a given, everyone enjoys that.

I started this blog because I literally debated starting a proper blog for years. I did actually have a blog in year 8. It was fairly cringey in all honesty! writing about friendship fall outs, my new latest top from Primark and occasionally an odd post or too about how sorry I am for not writing in over 3 months. But i'm now at the age where it's easier to blog and purchase new things and I am so passionate about make up and looking the part.

My blog is beauty based but I do sometimes debate uploading a post off topic with my blog.  Such as baking, general life and rants. I am a fairly constant blogger. I get such enjoyment out of it. I enjoy writing about things I like. I find it so relaxing.

Anyway! i'll stop blabbing on now. Hopefully now you know a little more about me. Apologies for my boring life.

Happy readings,

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